Born Right Next to the River

I’ve spent a long time doing a lot of comedy. I love improv and I love ImprovBoston.

Last year though, there came an exhausted moment. I needed a little bit of slow time to quiet up my life a little. My husband and I moved to a town well outside of Boston in the summer and I fell suddenly in love. Less frequent trips into the city, more farmers markets. Fewer late night parties, more buying a laundry machine and actually using it. It was nice. Also, air and trees. Overall, a marked rage decrease accompanied the easy parking.

Everything comes in cycles, of course, but this time away is what led to the creation of my first novel, THELMA BEE.

It was the river, specifically. Our new home has a yard and the yard has the Assabet River – full of weird awesome animals and the occasional kayaker. Ryan and I would sit out by the river and eat dinner at night and I found my imagination racing. Keep in mind that I grew up by Logan Airport. Lots of cars, lots of noise, lots of …cars. Living in a place where bats come out at night and beavers paddle against the current felt like living in a Discovery Channel documentary. I was excited and inspired and it made me feel like anything was possible.

I started making lists of things that inspired me. Words that I thought were cool. It kept circling back around to a few themes — Old New England, Ghosts, Childhood

And then Thelma, little by little, came into being and that was the beginning.

More on the writing process later, but I do want to mention that I’m still performing and THIS: Image

…is happening starting this Friday. My Dark Love is a YA Parody based on Twilight. Yeah, I’d trek into Cambridge for this one too.




11 thoughts on “Born Right Next to the River

  1. yay! glad you like being out here in the “burbs”.
    the drive to boston isn’t too bad. you get used to it. 🙂

    also, ryan looks really scary in this picture.

  2. It’s funny because Thelma would smack all of these terribly moody people into shape, then solve all their mysteries.

    Looking forward to even more insight. Go, go, go!

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