Tons of adjectives

I suppose life is always made up of tragedy, love, family, pain, success, and failure. It’s seldom, however, that all are packed tightly into one weekend.

It hurt to go to my uncle’s services. He was so loved and is so missed – and yet to see my extended family and spend some time with them was kind of joyful. Lots of time with my parents and sister too which always makes me feel happy and strong. My father has amazing stories about growing up with six siblings in the 1950’s. It was really wonderful spending that time.

Meanwhile, I received two requests from literary agents, one Thursday and one Friday. They would both like to read the full manuscript for THELMA BEE. I am blown away and so excited by this. Also, wildly anxious. And hopeful.

So far we have deep sorrow, joy, validation, and let’s cap it off with excruciating physical pain and fear, followed by exhaustion.

Without going into details, I had to go to the emergency room yesterday. It was a bad scene and they had to give me morphine. By the time they were ready to let me go home my blood pressure was super low and my head was swimming. Then I slept through a bunch of football games and had really vivid football related dreams.

Today, I’m still getting acclimated…a slow transition back into regular life. I think I’m still a long nap away from feeling normal, but I’m taking baby steps.

So, that’s what’s happening with me! Happy MLK day!


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