My friend Taylor doesn’t understand what’s so hard about creating blockbuster children’s literature. He came up with this idea in like, three seconds:

That’s right. WizzyWolf. Boy wizard on top, werewolf on the bottom. Man, I feel like such a fool. Writing, revising, all foolishness! WizzyWolf is so simple, so elegant — like he’s always existed, and Taylor just uncovered his truth.

In other news I basically sailed from the SCBWI conference madness into a week full of work-related madness that is thankfully winding down as I type. Two shows tonight at ImprovBoston and then a bunch of sleep tomorrow sounds good to me. I am getting progressively more neurotic about always having my phone with me just in case some dreamy agent decides to call. So I’m resolving to chill out and put it on my brain’s back burner for a while so I don’t drive myself nuts.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Go Pats or something!


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