Weird. But, good-weird.

I get excited about a few things. New England Folklore is one of those things.

Last year, as I began to brainstorm I googled “New England Folklore” and found this site. Now, I am a total fan girl.

A witchy ghost in Maine? OK.

The boogeyman of Beverly? IF YOU INSIST.

A haunted tunnel in western Mass? YOU TRY TO STOP ME, I DARE YOU.

I’ve found Folklore in general to be an endless treasure trove of inspiration and material. Also, it’s so much fun to learn about. Even in Mrs. Carsley’s 8th grade class, I couldn’t get enough Greek Mythology (and can still hold my own obnoxiously well in snotty reference-dropping cocktail conversation on the topic. “Yes I think Hestia is wildly underrated, now that you ask… muah haha, fart.”)

I find myself coming back to these kinds of stories over and over again. They’re like gasoline for my imagination car which is an SUV, unfortunately.

If you’re into this kind of thing too, I highly suggest the book Weird Massachusetts which you can find everywhere including Newbury Comics and many tourist shops. But it is absolutely great and filled with really creepy, fantastic stories from around the state. I love.


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