Something that is perfect

On NPR this morning they aired a short piece about Grammy nominees and mentioned that Bon Iver is nominated this year for Best New Artist.

More like Best We Already KNEW About this Artist, You Jerks – AMIRIGHT? No? Ok. I thought I was right. No big deal, I’ll be ok.


They played the tiniest snippet of Holocene during the piece and, as it always does, it hit me like an emotional boulder. Sometimes it’s hard to identify why a particular sound, color, set of words effects you the way it does. That song runs me through a unique gamut of emotions and it always takes me off guard. And it’s not the song’s story. Half the time I can’t even make out what Justin Vernon is saying and if I can, it’s all in the abstract.

There’s a highway, there is ice, there are narrow hallways. That’s lyrically literally there. But it evokes a lot more. Feelings of loss, isolation, freedom, the impossibility of forever.

The video for Holocene is exquisite. It makes me cry every single time and I kind of know why, but more than that, I have no idea why.

So, happy Friday to you. I hope this weekend you see beautiful things.


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