Quick thought on the holiday

It’s Valentine’s Day, which is a super fun day to get angry. I’ve had bunches of angry Valentine’s Days. One that sticks out is when I was a freshman in college still dating my high school boyfriend and he visited my dorm with a snoopy from CVS.

I was furious. Like, “I’m going to set this place on fire” furious.

(I wish I knew whose baby this is.)

I know it probably had little to do with the actual snoopy stuffed animal, but I do have a clear recollection of drawing a parallel between the thought he put into that gift and his general worth as a person. OH, the fury. The outrage! I will still argue that being 19 can be the absolute worst. By that I mean, I was kind of the absolute worst.

On the flip side, last year my husband got me Twilight themed chocolates (probably from CVS) and Twilight Scene-It and we had one of the most fun nights in recent history. Eating CVS chocolates and playing Twilight Scene-It.

Let’s be honest folks, it’s usually not about the day or the gift. I think it’s more about whether you’re generally a fan of your significant other. I’m a huge fan of my husband. Huge. Fan-club president, actually.

If you are alone today, consider this — it’s SO MUCH BETTER than being with someone who will make you want to burn down a building just by being…around.

** Okay, I don’t want to be obnoxious, but yes, Ryan sent something truly awesome to my office today.


4 thoughts on “Quick thought on the holiday

  1. Erin Petti, this is a lovely sentiment to remember. I will remember this and not be burn-down-a-building angry that MY husband did not get me a thing for Valentine’s Day…this being our first official Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. This from proposing to me at 6AM last Valentine’s Day. Oh, how the mighty fall. And yet…amazingly enough I still love the man! Like ALOT. Like SO SO much. Also, he did buy me Twilight porn last year. Which was and will continue to be awesome but probably not quite as awesome as Twilight Scene-It. Okay. Wait. That’s not true. Twilight porn is better. And funnier.

    • Weeeeeell…he gave me a “happy valetine’s day wife” card that said how fun and exciting it was to be able to pick out cards in the “wife” section now and …he actually gave me a Fodor’s book for NYC (where we are going this weekend to celebrate Sara’s book launch!)…the book was tagged at the page for Tiffany’s…so we can go there and get a present for me. So. I must retract all prior statements in a tsunami wave of shame. In my defense (and this is weak and not a viable legal argument), I didn’t get these banding gifts until about 8 pm. So. Ahem. There.

  2. I just saw pictures of you from Sara’s book party! You beautiful, cross-country traveling devil. So exciting!

    I’d love to be briefed on the Tiffany’s trip. I KNEW there was no way he just forgot.

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