A quick update. I mentioned that my work had been accepted into the Pitch Madness contest a few days ago but didn’t have much more info. It turns out that there were 60 entries chosen spanning three writers’ blogs and a number of literary agents made bids on the submissions they wanted to read.

I’m very happy that a wonderful agent from a wonderful agency has requested that I send her my full manuscript. Best case scenario!

Some really hard working and innovative writers put on these contests once and a while for the benefit of poor unagented folk like myself, and I’m so grateful for all their patience and labor.

If you want to take a look at the bidding wars that occurred (in the style of a poker game), check out Brenda Drake’s Website. Lots of really wonderful submissions and, in this contest, lots of winners.

So, I haven’t heard back from any of the folks who have THELMA yet, but this is just a little more good news. It’s a long road!



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