We Are Katniss

Tonight, I’m getting in a line at 10:30pm with a bunch of like minded people and wait for The Hunger Games. Guys, I’m so excited. I’m maybe too excited. I get that this is dorky, but I’ve been waiting for months!

Here are some of the reasons I’m flipping out about the movie:

1. Obviously, the books are fantastic. At this point that goes without saying. I read them last summer while working on my manuscript and found the writing incredibly inspiring. Like a jolt of writerly adrenaline. Collins is an absolute master of pacing.

2. Katniss, how dare you? As is documented, I love a lot of cheesy YA with questionably back-boned heroines, but this lady is truly outstanding. She’s perfectly imperfect and so well drawn. A wonderful counterpoint to the whispier set of anemic heroines.

3. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. I’ve been a little obsessed since Winter’s Bone – which was incidentally my favorite movie last year. I watched it twice in a row when we were on a cloudy winter vacation in New Hampshire and fell in melancholic love. So dismally perfect.

4. Octavia. My sister’s good friend is weirdly IN this movie. She plays Octavia! They did a semester in Ghana together through NYU. Although I’ve never met Brooke, my hopes are high that someday we’ll be Facebook friends. Dare to dream!

5. Dorks with weaponry. I’m absolutely certain that people are going to be dressed up tonight. Ryan and I (totally by accident) once attended the opening of Julie and Julia and there were people wearing aprons to the show. So, if folks dress up for THAT premier, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen for this one. Guesses include, bows and arrows, loaves of burnt bread, stabbed people, long side braids.

Also, this means that we’re even closer to December 14th…opening of THE HOBBIT!

This is a good movie year.


4 thoughts on “We Are Katniss

  1. I am so excited! The people in the operating room must think I’m crazy because I’ve been fangirling about it all day. I want to go to the midnight showing tonight but I have a four-six hour case to do tomorrow morning. 😦

    Katniss is such an inspiration for my writing. She is the anti-Bella in a lot of ways. I love that she can be so tough when she is so broken inside.

    Enjoy the movie tonight!

  2. I’m so excited too! Although I won’t be going to the midnight premier. Hunger Games was the first book of fiction my husband EVER read. My 12-year old daughter also read it and is just finishing up Mockingjay. I can’t wait to go see it with them! Because we’ve all read the book – it’s going to be awesome! Have a wonderful time tonight. I hope the movie is great!

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