Getting Over In-Between

I’m going to mention something today and then shut up about it until I have a quasi-finished product to talk about – my new work in progress. Today is important because I really actually started working on it.

During this in-between time while I’ve been querying and submitting THELMA BEE has been a little bit excruciating. There’s great news! Bad news! Waiting! Great! Bad! Waiting! Waiting! Waiting! It’s kind of tough to take.

I’ve written a few short stories and had some non-starter ideas (to which I might return later), and that’s all the writing I’ve really been able to get done in the past few months. It’s been a bummer.

But then – I got it. THE idea. The “oh hell yeah, I’m going to write the sh*t out of that story” idea. I spent a few days outlining and today I started writing. Writing real words in a real word document that was blank when I started. I know this shouldn’t sound like something to be excited about, but it’s been so liberating. I’m so psyched up about what I’m about to do that the querying doesn’t seem so life-and-death. I’ve got more in me, so if the first book doesn’t work out, it’s ok. I’m moving, working, creating…

Reading some really awesome books in the meantime has no doubt helped me get to this point. A quick shout out to local author and friend-of-a-friend, Gina Damico for her brand new novel, CROAK, which you should all go out and buy if you enjoy fun. Inventive, funny, twisted writing is great inspiration.

So, I’m going to go ahead and keep putting words on that document. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Getting Over In-Between

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I pounded out something on my laptop last night about waiting, but it was laced with the worst kinds of bad words. Then I forced myself to think of all the people in the world waiting on far more desperately important news, which was a Depressing! Soul sucking! excercise. LOL – you cast things in a much prettier light. The best medicine is more writing! Good luck with the new story!

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