Transmission from the Sick Couch

I haven’t written here in a while, which is due to many reasons, some of which I’ll explain:

1. The Writer’s Voice was an online writing competition via Twitter and various writerly blogs. I was very lucky to be chosen for a “team” (#TEAMKRISTA) and to receive some exciting requests from exciting agent persons. I met (virtually) some talented and generous writers, and it essentially gobbled up any internet time I had for an entire week. I’m sad it’s all over, actually. So much nail biting and happy dancing, both for myself and my co-entrants.

2. Oh, the illness. I’ve been sick, ya’ll. My great hope is that this monster is on its last legs, but I’ve been totally wiped out lately. I had to miss more than one summery-fun party (HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY LIZ!) and I’m so bored with blowing my nose and death-bed coughing, I can’t even tell you.

3. Silence on the dial! Ok, so this isn’t an excuse to not write, but The Eyes and Ears of Tigertown have grown silent with the summer! I guess the kids are on vacation, or approaching it, and don’t have an interest in pursuing programming now. This bums me out to no end. I promise to check back in periodically and hopefully in September we’ll be back in action.

As of tomorrow I’ll be starting in on a Novel-In-A-Month exercise so my hope is that my latest work in progress will have a shiny (probably rusty, bulky, clumsy) first draft by July. That’s exciting stuff to me.

Also, later on in the summer I’ll be working with some really amazing people on a show called The August Monologues. This means that I’ll be spending some time working on a monologue…obviously. I think it’s going to be about the nature of fear and anxiety. And after Ryan and I encountered a crazy man who tailgated and almost beat us up in a strip mall last night, I am feeling particularly tuned in to this topic. *Shivers* (No one was hurt, just kind of …yelled at? Boof, the underbelly of the suburbs…)

But, it’s all inspiration, right? Right! I’m wishing for a writing-heavy summer, and clear nasal passages.



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