Family Double Dare Physical Challege

We like a challenge. That’s why we’re having a baby and trying to buy a house at the same time.

Something clicked when pregnancy went from the abstract “we’re going to have a baby!” to the concrete “there’s a new human coming into our lives and she is developing fingernails as we speak.” Suddenly, it felt very important to move closer to the awesome, supportive net of people whom I love, otherwise known as my family.

So, we are trying to buy a house. We’re almost there, but not quite yet. There are still a number of flaming hoops for us to jump through, and being at my peak weight currently, jumping is a particular challenge. But, with a lot of help, we’re doing it! Almost like adults.

But in the meantime, I’m enjoying the best season of the year in our tree-filled, apple orchardy western suburb and relishing this blessed time known as the second trimester. Just yesterday we:

1. Went apple picking

2. Ate cider donuts

3. Got pumpkins

4. Walked around Walden Pond

5. …And made a pie.

You’re all like, “wait, did you have the best day in history?” and I’m like, “duh.”

These activities, while objectively awesome on their own, are a million times more enjoyable when all you’ve been able to do in the preceding months is lay on the couch and throw up sometimes. I’m just so grateful that I am able to get out and enjoy the perfect weather. And eat all the pie. Guys, I’m eating…all the pie.

I know I’m going to get more and more uncomfortable. Towards Christmas I’ll be a house-like creature with back pain and probably a bad attitude — but now is great. And I have to say, feeling the little girl poke and kick inside my belly is without a doubt the least-lonely feeling in the world. It makes me feel so happy.

I can’t believe she has to leave for college one day…


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