Spring Things.

On Saturday, my mom insisted that I get a manicure with her because she loves me and my nails look like crap. Mostly because she loves me, but you shouldn’t underestimate how bad I allow my nails to look.

I relaxed and chatted while the manicurist painted my nails bright pink. The shade was “watermelon” to be specific. I’m not a bright pink kind of girl, but it just felt like a watermelon kind of day.

Driving home, the sun was extra sunshine-y and I turned on the radio.  Pop music isn’t usually my thing. I’ve been living in an evening-colored Bon Iver soundscape for a year or so, and I do like it there. But on Saturday, a Timberlake-Rhianna-Bruno Mars combo made me feel awesome. I took the long route home, all along the beach, windows down. The water looked really blue. Like, a very un-Massachusetts shade of blue. A non-cynical, non-grayish, unapologetically blue-blue.

On relating this all to my husband he looked at me sideways and said, “Where’s my wife?”


It’s been a “holy crap” year. An amazing year, but in a heavy duty way. You know, giving birth and all that. Now Miss Petti is getting a little older, a little laugh-ier, and spring is coming. *

I’m geared up to make time to start jogging, to make time to start reading and writing. It’s time to set goals and feel new.

These have been good days to take long breathes of almost-warm air and feel thankful for a lot of things. Things like baby girls, Justin Timberlake and blue-blue water.


*I didn’t make a Game of Thrones joke, guys. I didn’t do it.


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