The Voice of Thrones…or Game of The Voice. Whatever.

Yeah. This is happening.

This summer I’ve been following two shows closely. They are miles apart in terms of genre, style, quality…pretty much everything. But I’m going to go ahead and draw connections anyway. Presenting:


BLAKECOACH: Blake Shelton

Robert-Baratheon-game-of-thrones-20187351-1280-720King Robert Baratheon

I love watching Blake relax into his perpetual state of happy-drunk as he gives loving guidance and praise to his team. Much like the good King Robert, though, he could use to stiffen up and pay attention sometime. Just because you won the throne (or you know, the vocal competition) last year DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE SAFE.

Adam+Levine+2011+Logie+Awards+Arrivals+QHjsS-Os5ADxCOACH: Adam Levine

renlybaratheon Renly Baratheon

I don’t think it requires a whole lot of imagination to envision Adam having someone make a super fancy crown for him. The mild arrogance, style obsession, and (perhaps misguided) confidence links these two dandy fellows. Also, there’s a sibling rivalry between Adam and Blake that’s similar but just a little more jovial of that between Robert and Renly.

MTV Video Music AwardsCOACH: Shakira

DANIDaenerys Targaryen

DUH. Right? I mean, duh. They even dress the same. I don’t think Khaleesi’s hips lie either, sooo…

usher_black_tshirt_silver_chaCOACH: Usher

aqen_H'gharJaqen H’ghar

Usher is a man of few words, like our faceless friend. He just kind of gets the job done. Usher kills it on stage and Jaqen H’ghar kills people like it’s his job. ‘Cause I think it is. Both of them are super cool.


sasha-allenSEMI-FINALIST: Sasha Allen

stark-sansa-1x04-01_FULLSansa Stark

Both super beauties a little lacking in the personality department – a coincidence? I dunno.

Michelle+Chamuel+u6hl1gcd6t4mSEMI-FINALIST: Michelle Chamuel

Arya-arya-stark-31112801-500-650Arya Stark

You didn’t see either one of these firecrackers coming. Arya has turned into (in my opinion) the most interesting character on GoT, and Michelle is way way waaaayyy more interesting than anyone else on The Voice. Both are initially awkward fits to their given circumstances, rising up and kicking so much ass.

Amber-Carrington-Im-Gonna-Love-You-Through-It-The-Voice-4-622x349SEMI-FINALIST: Amber Carrington

Jorah-Mormont-house-targaryen-29560158-800-450Jorah Mormont
Okay, this one might be a stretch, but hear me out. Jorah does a great job. I haven’t read the books, but so far he seems like a good guy (though you never know with this ridiculous show). He’s served Khaleesi well and is so obviously in love with her. He’s got all the skills. But guess what? I don’t think he’s going to win. It’s just not in the cards. That’s how I feel about Amber. She’s great! But I’d bet my hat, my big dumb hat, that she’s going home tonight.

danielleliveplayoffsSEMI-FINALIST: Danielle Bradbury

Margaery-TyrellMargaery Tyrell

I think both of these smart chicks are playing a perfect role. Danielle is the lovable, cute, talented Texan lass who is fresh as a daisy and can’t help how naturally gifted she is. She just popped out of the womb with a Crest white smile and baby doe eyes. Margaery’s got King Joffrey wrapped around her little finger, playing coy and silly when it’s right, and making smart, canny moves when no one is looking. I think she could win this whole game. OF THRONES. Ditto for D. Bradbury.

And you’re like, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SWON BROTHERS?? That’s what you’re like when you’re reading this. I know. Well, I thought long and hard. I thought about maybe Jaime and Ceresi Lannister. Or maybe the brothers of the Night’s Watch. But no.

NUP_152770_0221_620x350SEMI-FINALIST: The Swon Brothers

C_Merry_02Merry and Pippin

Because some people don’t belong in Westeros. Some people belong in the Shire. I think the Swon Brothers would have a really good run at The Prancing Pony.


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