Tomorrow’s 5k for Mr. Shapiro

I wanted to write a quick post about the 5k I’m going to shuffle-run tomorrow, and not just for the comedy of it as I haven’t jogged in weeks and am incredibly out of shape  (though do not underestimate this comedy).

The 5k is in memory of my old drama teacher, Mr. Shapiro. He was one of those rare educators, and humans, who engender a fierce friendship and loyalty from those who loved him. When he left us, he left behind a legacy of friendship, creativity, and connectedness.

It’s funny, every year we get together and I see people with whom I feel close, even though we may not even have been in school at the same time. I have more in common with a Mr. Shapiro drama kid from the eighties than I do with anyone I sat next to in geometry class or saw at football games.

Why? Neil Shapiro’s personality was transcendent. He made a bunch of kids – many of whom might have otherwise been square-ish pegs, feel positively limitless. When we were working on a creative project, be it a scene for class, musical for the school, or play for a state tournament, we were doing something with meaning. It wasn’t just living in a suburb and biding time, it was creating purpose out of love.

That, good readers, is an educator. He is so missed.

So, this Saturday, we’re all going to get together and remember one of the best guys ever.

Here’s the link if you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you: Neil Shapiro 5k