Success! Phew. Not done!

This morning I drove into Boston with a car that was packed with baby supplies and made a drop-off at The Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Center.

Here’s a rundown:

– ImprovBoston’s donation box was full of baby formula, sippy cups, and Flintstones vitamins

– Winthrop Public Library’s Children’s room provided diapers and baby food

– My employer, Quantum Learning, donated bags and bags and BAGS of baby food (apples, sweet potatoes, all the good stuff) as well as a humungo box of diapers

– My coworker Rebecca and her cool kiddos also donated diapers and baby food!

– My new- mom friend Erin also sent a big box of diapers and formula!

– One giant box showed up on my front porch from an anonymous donor. It was filled with diapers and hypoallergenic formula. Amazing.

– A number of friends and family members contributed to a Costco run in which I purchased $155 worth of hypoallergenic baby formula.

They needed two of these to bring the stuff in:


Thank you thank you and THANK YOU!

My good intentions and my organizational skills (per usual) didn’t quite match each other- so I have to thank my husband Ryan, and my mom and dad for picking up the slack and helping so, so much.

Special thanks also to Tom, Mike, and Dana at ImprovBoston, Mary at the Winthrop Public Library’s Children’s Room, Erin Conrad and Maile Shoul.

For those of you who contributed, here’s a great blurb from the website about services that the clinic provides. It’s cool to know that we helped achieve these ends:


Our services extend beyond traditional medical treatment. We provide intensive social service and nutrition home visiting, not only to residences but also other settings where children are fed (day care, schools, etc.). Our very successful outreach program helps patients’ families access essentials such as nutritious foods, clothing, transportation, proper housing and other fundamental necessities.

These special outreach services are the key to our clinic’s success and survival and depend entirely on donations from the private sector.


There are additional people getting in touch to donate, so another run will be made as well.

I have so much to say about how cool this experience was, but I’ll save that for another post. The major take-away: Figuring out how to help is better than giving up. Reading too much crap on the internet about how we’re all doomed isn’t good for the soul if you’re not going to do something positive to counteract it. Also, in general, people are great and want to be of service to those who might need a hand.

I’m so thankful to all of you.



Update: Last week for The Grow Clinic Drive


So far, so awesome.
Many of you generous-hearted people have reached out to donate time, baby food, diapers, or some money for a Costco run which will be happening tomorrow afternoon.

WINTHROP: The donation box at the Winthrop Public Library Children’s Room is super lonely! Get in there, guys! I’m going to pick up the box after the 10:30am story hour on Friday. If you want to help out, just drop your donation before then.

IMPROVBOSTON: I am going to pick up this box on Thursday afternoon. If you want to drop something in and haven’t yet, you’ve got til then.

Again, thank you all so much for all the support and generosity. Literally, right now there’s a huge box of diapers on my porch that was sent by a mom in Somerville who I don’t even know (yay for Erin Conrad‘s super networking!). It’s the best.

These goods are going to go straight to families who need them, and that’s because of you.

OK, now here is a picture of Emmeline and a bunch of pumpkins.

Love, Erinembopumpkins

The Grow Clinic: You can help!

Hi you guys!
We’re collecting baby supplies for The Grow Clinic!
Operating out of Boston Medical Center, the clinic does a lot of outreach, and is able to serve the members of our community who need help the most. With a focus on infants who have been diagnosed with Failure to Thrive – approx 10% of their patients are homeless according to the webiste, and 85% rely on federal health insurance.

We started a baby supplies drive to help. This was inspired by panic related to the government shutdown. I was thinking about families who need help from WIC and what would happen if the funds dried up while congress continues to…well you know.

How can I help?
– Hypoallergenic formula
– Baby food (stages 1 and 2 – sweeter foods are preferred)
– Sippy cups
– Plastic baby spoons
– Flintstones Complete chewable vitamins or equivalent
– Diapers in size 3 and up
[They will also take new board books, boots, tons of stuff – and I’ll bring whatever is donated over to them. I just wanted to focus the effort on the high priority supplies that the representative said they needed most.]
Bring’em on down to:

The library hours are: Tuesday 1-7pm, Wed 1-6pm, Thurs 1-6pm, Fri 1:30-5pm, Sat 10-5pm

* IMPROVBOSTON in Central Square:  40 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 576-1253

tgc box library

What if I just want to donate some money and you can go shopping?

That’s great! I set up a Paypal account for those of you that might want to help but are either far away, or unable to stop by a drop location.

You can look me up on Paypal at to donate a few dollars for a Costco run. If you do this, please also send me an email so that I can confirm that your donation went through. This is my first time trying any of this and I want to make sure that we open up every opportunity to donate and help.


PHASE 1: Complete

Superwoman Maile Shoul has already completed phase one of this project by collecting donations via Paypal and making a trip to Target. She and the wonderful Harry Gordon picked up:

– Three containers of hypoallergenic formula

– Ten containers of baby food

Harry Gordon being incredible on Saturday.

Harry Gordon being incredible on Saturday.

These supplies were dropped off at The Grow Clinic this morning and will go right to helping families in need.


This has been a wonderful experience so far and I thank you all so much for your support.

Lots of love. Seriously, lots.

The Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Center: