Update: Last week for The Grow Clinic Drive


So far, so awesome.
Many of you generous-hearted people have reached out to donate time, baby food, diapers, or some money for a Costco run which will be happening tomorrow afternoon.

WINTHROP: The donation box at the Winthrop Public Library Children’s Room is super lonely! Get in there, guys! I’m going to pick up the box after the 10:30am story hour on Friday. If you want to help out, just drop your donation before then.

IMPROVBOSTON: I am going to pick up this box on Thursday afternoon. If you want to drop something in and haven’t yet, you’ve got til then.

Again, thank you all so much for all the support and generosity. Literally, right now there’s a huge box of diapers on my porch that was sent by a mom in Somerville who I don’t even know (yay for Erin Conrad‘s super networking!). It’s the best.

These goods are going to go straight to families who need them, and that’s because of you.

OK, now here is a picture of Emmeline and a bunch of pumpkins.

Love, Erinembopumpkins


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