Sorry turkeys, Thanksgiving week is here! This means different things to different people. You might have a half day on Wednesday, or you might travel to your hometown and drink beer with high school friends. Maybe you’ll spend the holiday quietly stabbing yourself in the leg and smiling while your aunt spouts super homophobic crap and you can’t tell if it’s worth getting into an argument, or if you should just fake diarrhea to get away from the table.
Or, if you’re like me, you might feverishly vacuum your entire house three times and pray that the first huge turkey you’re cooking satisfies the expectations of 12 guests.
It’s great! It’s going to come out great! Great! It’s great!
Whatever it means to you, I hope that you have time and opportunity to reflect on the good stuff in your life this year. Maybe that’s a new job, or a loving marriage, or maybe it’s just the fact that your hair has been looking super hot this week. All things to be grateful for.

I also hope you don’t have to work.  If you do, I’m really sorry. I think it stinks. There’s something icky about the Black Friday/open on Thanksgiving trend and it has something to do with the income based pecking order in our country. We now have folks who need cheap gifts being used to exploit people who work for (mostly) low wages. It’s a weird sort of economic/cultural cannibalism and it’s NOT SUPER CHRISTMASY, YOU GUYS.

You do you, as always, but I’ll say that I am not going to be shopping for gifts on Thanksgiving. I hereby put my vote in for long, warm, uninterrupted family time for everyone. Even if your homophobe aunt gets drunk and starts in on immigration, try to take it in stride. Pour a big, big glass of wine and hug the ones you love, they’re happy your home.


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