Mirror mirror on the wall – how dare you, sir.

Spring is here! I’m like 99% sure! I can tell because I can’t find weather-appropriate clothing and have needed to put sunscreen on my fair haired baby’s chubby cheeks twice already.

After I gave birth last February, apparently a few months occurred. It’s hard for me to say  how much of March-December 2013 was real and how much I hallucinated for lack of sleep. Like, did Matthew McConaughey’s career trajectory really improve the way I think it did, or was True Detective just a fever dream from hell? I may never know.

Anyway, recently, the little love of my life is turning into a legitimate toddler and sleeping like a human instead of a robot that runs on milk and sunlight alone. The ramifications of this are huge. I’m sleeping more and seeing a bit more clearly. This change in perception holds true for mirrors and scale numbers.

As I’ve previously posted on Facebook, I’ve re-joined WeightWatchers. I joke about it, but I’m actually feeling really pumped up to get in shape and enjoy the warm weather. With nursing, etc, the ruling principal around my diet was – if it’s here and non-toxic I can eat as much of it as I want. Now that we’re moving past the nursing phase, I gotta reel it in, and it’s really not so bad.

Remember fruit? Guys, and vegetables? They are less exciting than leftover chicken wings and mashed potatoes, but it turns out they can do the job. I’m only 2 and a half weeks in, but as of right now I’m on track and ready to go.

Keep it vernal.




One thought on “Mirror mirror on the wall – how dare you, sir.

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