Good Stuff Friday

It’s Friday and it’s almost May. Feels like a good time to send out some virtual high fives.

  • Audiobooks. Recently starting a job with a long commute, these have kept me sane and actually looking forward to long drives. My life is many, many books richer due to the wonder of Audible.
  • Writers on Twitter. You guys, it’s incredible how unique the query-to-publication process is and the community of writers that I’ve discovered on Twitter has been such a support over the past few years. I’ve been able to connect with people in different states, with completely different lives than I have – and we can create a meaningful connection through shared experience. It’s incredible.
  • The Fabulous Twos. My kid is hilarious. The words are coming so fast, and her sense of humor is developing in this magical way. Yeah, we’ve got tantrums like anyone else, but I love this age. She does this bit where she makes her duck say “meow” – like a CAT even though it’s a DUCK. Ridiculous.
  • The slightest, most subtle hint of Spring. I will take it. It’s colder than normal for this time of year, but shoveling is OVER. Summer is around the corner. We did it, New England. We did it.

I hope you have a stupendous weekend.


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You got this.