Action Words: “I do”

My cousin Amanda stood in front of the crowd with golden hair curled past her shoulders and a big, quiet smile. Her fiance Andy stood beside her. We were all there to celebrate their engagement.

After a years-long courtship the whole family was excited that they had decided to get married. A date had not been set, but there was a ring and a promise and a whole bunch of love and happy wishes. Our two families were mingling, many meeting each other for the first time while enjoying sushi appetizers and wine. The room was filled with lots of clinking and laughing.

Andy bent over to a group seated at one side, “Can we get your attention for a minute? Just a minute?”

He bent to his other side, said the same thing.

There were pockets of quiet, but for the most part the conversation continued in bursts of sound.

“Everybody!?” Andy yelled in a voice that was at once loud, friendly, and maybe a little nervous. Amanda smiled shyly, shifted from foot to foot. We quieted and turned to the couple. He said a few words of thanks, and so did she.

And then she continued:

“A lot of people have been asking us about setting a date,”

(Muffled giggles from the crowd)

“…yeah…a lot of people. And so we’re excited to announce that we’re getting married tonight.”

(The sound of everyone’s minds being simultaneously BLOWN)

A surprise wedding! Like on TV…or on the internet or something, only in real life. I screamed! I don’t think I was the only one, but I definitely screamed.

About a half hour later, they did it. She went to get changed into a gorgeous white gown and descended a staircase to meet her fiance in front of a minister. The crowd gathered around the stairs and tried to capture bits of it the ceremony at strained angles on camera phones. She cried a littleĀ  and glowed a lot, and he looked like the happiest guy on earth.

They just did it. They just got married with everyone they loved there. No seating chart. No registry. Just the verb, the action, the wedding.

There’s something so incredibly inspiring about this, and I think the takeaway is simple: Got a goal? Make it happen.

Yes, I felt underdressed. Yes, I did include a fun “bridal planning” notebook with my engagement gift that seems ridiculous and out of place now (I’ll give her the receipt). But wow. It was beautiful and they are MARRIEDĀ  and it was something we’ll never forget.

Congratulations to the magnificent couple.

Yay for action. ACTION!